About Keynote Speaker & Body Language Expert Linda

Keynote Speaker & Body Language Expert Linda Talley is the recognized authority on how to communicate more effectively by understanding the other 90% of the communication process. In business, communication is a key and critical aspect to achieving goals.  Most people rely on their verbal message. Body Language Expert Linda shows you how the nonverbal aspect of your message carries more weight, influence and can be the tipping point for persuading staff, colleagues and clients. The skill of nonverbal communication is particularly important in dealing with difficult people and in situations involving conflict.  When you understand and use nonverbal communication to create the results you want in your business and personal life, you are using 100% of the communication process.

As a Keynote Speaker and Leadership Development Coach, she transforms individuals and organizations through focusing on advanced communication skills. By helping leaders make tough decisions to re-orient around congruence rather than micro-inequities, they increase their self-knowledge, self-awareness in order to build their own unique character and inner strength, thereby, enabling them to enlarge their capacity for growth as well as the growth of the organization.

Linda’s experience as a leader and highly touted body language expert translates into dynamic, humorous, and profound presentations that will instruct you professionally, touch you personally, and inspire you to reach for the highest within yourself and your business.

As a business keynote speaker with heavy content on non-verbal communication, Body Language Expert Linda will inspire your attendees and enrich their lives with her work. She as a keynote speaker will help audience members understand the nuances of body language in order to become an influential in the workplace and remove any self-inflicted barriers to their success!

The higher you go, your people and relationship building skills, or lack of, become more pronounced. Body language is all about people and relationships. By listening to and working with Body Language Expert Linda Talley, you will have the unique ability to easily read and interpret the body language cues of anyone. Having and using body language expert skills often makes the difference in how high you go within an organization.

Do yourself a favor and hire Linda to speak at your next event. You won’t be disappointed and your attendees will be talking about it for a long time!