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Linda Talley focuses on executive and senior manager leadership development and management consulting.  The focus is to  provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to help leaders understand and master advanced communication skills in order to be the exemplar within the organization and move it forward.  By understanding 100% of the communication process, leaders can now eliminate any self-made barriers to their success and achieve long-term business results. Through the use of various methodologies,  leaders  increase their effectiveness through characteristic/trait, skill and behavioral development, thereby positively impacting productivity and profitability.

I partner with you (corporate and other leaders) to eliminate any self-made barriers or limitations to your success which will ultimately resolve daily business challenges.

My focus is to help leaders transform their communication strategies in order to set the standard for the business or industry. Our unique services focus on developing  every aspect of communication, skill and behavioral development that a leader so heavily relies on in order to be effective in business today.

My goal is to help you manage and nurture top talent.

Executive “Presence” Coaching for Board, Staff or Media Interaction

If the executive is not as effective as they wish to be, what is off? Usually, if there is no organic issue, their communication and behavioral skills are usually probative.  Ineffective or in-congruent communications and behavior will be identified and alternative methodologies substituted.

High-Potential/Emerging Leaders

For those individuals on the company fast track to success, implementation of best-practices for advanced communication skills sooner rather than later makes much more sense. With these individuals, our focus is on:

  1. Helping them to identify and focus on their strengths and manage around their weaknesses.
  2. Develop effective plans and strategies for best deploying their communication strengths and minimizing the negative impacts of their developing communication needs.
  3. Help them understand the connection between leadership and business communication.
  4. Identify communication skills needed to support emerging leadership roles and issues.
  5. Strategically plan key relationships, interactions and alliances.

Executive Coaching

Every person in management can benefit from having a coach to help them navigate organizational issues whether it be a characteristic or skill to develop; when they are on the fast track and require development in organizational behavior; or when their personal attributes are limiting their prospects.

Today’s top executives are being promoted sooner and without the experience and seasoning that previous executives have endured on their way to the top. Research shows that working with a coach can accelerate the process to fully develop potential.

Results Oriented

What developmental results do you need? More confidence, self-efficacy, or specific skills? It may take only a small deficiency to block that promotion and move you into a lateral position for exposure and training.

A consultant might work with the executive on process issues; the executive coach works confidentially with the executive on personal and leadership development issues.  The effective coach can be a sounding board or can use exploratory listening to engage the client and focus on building strengths.

Working with Linda Talley

I am usually hired by the executive’s boss and also by the executive directly. I like to spend some time on the phone or in person with the client and also the executive to be coached if this is different, to articulate needs and goals.  Is there a promotion on the horizon? Is there a need for re-thinking a career and its direction? Are there personal attributes missing or that need development? Did a 360 assessment come back that causes concern? Has the promotion come through and there is some trepidation?

The coaching engagement will focus on a course of action and interaction with not only the coach but also internal and external customers, as needed. The coaching will focus on developing skills and characteristics that will achieve the desired goals and results articulated in the initial coaching session.

The coach assists the executive in maintaining focus on the desired results while dealing with current concerns that may arise during the coaching engagement. Issues include: Board evaluations; 360 feedback results; personal attribute development; integrative leadership development; team building; creating and launching new initiatives; conflict resolution; handling organizational politics. The ultimate goal of the coaching is to develop the executive around strengths, manage around weaknesses and empower him/her to be more.

Facilitation—Leadership Retreats/Board Meetings

Leadership retreats require planning, goals and direction to be effective. Whether you are planning a two-hour Board meeting or two-day off-site retreat, a plan and facilitator are necessary in order to achieve results.

Results Oriented

Any meeting, on-site or off, should be results oriented. Most meetings are about the agenda and not the results. For leaders pressed for time, the results focus is the most pragmatic approach.  Results can range from strategic initiatives, values and culture re-orientation, team building, or leadership identification, results are necessary.

By having a facilitator, the meeting stays focused; the debates and discussion stay on track and attendees grow from the experience.

Working with Linda Talley

Our initial discussion will be very exploratory as I gain a clear picture of the desired results. What specifically do you want to accomplish? What are the objectives, measures and results? What do you want the attendees to know at the end of the event? How do you want them to feel?

Once this information is articulated, I will explore specific ideas with attendees in order to clearly identify and define the expectations of attendees. This information will be used for inclusion and focus purposes. All information obtained during these interviews will remain confidential.

After the event, there will be an audit in 30 days for reflection and redirection, if necessary.

Media training for executives and managers

When the media calls, it’s too late for training. The senior executive must be coached and trained in what to say as well as what not to say when the media calls. In most crisis situations, the media as well as viewers look for non-verbal clues from the spokesperson and rarely listen to what is being said.

Other services:

  • Executive selection
  • Assessments for individuals, teams and organizations (360 surveys and interviews)
  • Team development and conflict management
  • Organizational research: Stakeholder analysis for change management
  • Educational seminars

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