Typical Client Results

Our goal is to increase your productivity by improving verbal and, more importantly, non-verbal communication skills. We accomplish this by a systematic approach to creating a “conscious competency” using advanced communication skills which gives a significant return on investment while advancing the goals of the organization.

Here are some of the most significant results you can expect when working with Linda Talley & Associates, Inc.:

A reduction in stress attributed to staff and/or client maintenance or contact.

A reduction in mixed or double messages which lead to an increase in morale issues and turnover as well as decreased productivity.

The ability to choose communication and relationship options that will maximize talent to ensure both satisfaction and success.

Increased confidence in negotiation proceedings.

Increased awareness of the status or key indicators of business relationships.

Ability to determine deceptive practices within the organization.

Reduce conflict within the organization.

Client Testimonials:

” Linda has wonderful skills with helping people fulfill their potential. She crafts a path with goals that are obtainable. Her advice is expert and clear. In a short amount of time, Linda can deduce and profile the best solution for you as a person or a business. This remarkable skill in today’s economy is timely and budget saving.

Thanks for sharing your expertise with our members. I really enjoyed meeting you loved learning about body language.”-Health Care Executive

Thank you for an incredible presentation! I have heard NOTHING but GREAT comments about it! Also, thank you for staying and enjoying some of our company both Thursday night and Friday afternoon. You made it truly a memorable conference!.”-Facility Manager

Thank you very much for your passion, infectious and power training! Your energy and enthusiasm is most infectious and inspiring! .”-HR Director

Her talks before business and public groups are profound and engaging. In a short amount of time, Linda can open up avenues of thought and action. It is an awesome ability to be able to crystallize thoughts and actions to a group or a person. Hiring Linda to speak to your business or group is well worth the money and time. It will definitely help to increase your bottom line.”-Manufacturing Client

“I don’t think I will ever get up in front of an audience and feel the same. You showed me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it in order to be a more effective communicator and leader for my division.”
– Oil and Gas Executive

“If you are looking for an individual who can help you boost your performance so you and your company can deliver results, look no further than Linda Talley.”
– Financial Institution CEO

“Thanks to Linda I became someone who is responsible to myself and my actions; someone who strives to make a positive difference with my family, friends and patients.”
– Dental Practitioner

“The program was so informative and very helpful to me with the type of clients I deal with on a daily basis.” –Group Sales Manager, Hospitality

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