Creating A Sales Brand That Sells–A Path to Leadership Development

Does the brand called YOU reflect an image of your customers? If not, you won’t be able to make that sale. People buy things that reflect who they are and if they can’t see part of themselves in you, the sales professional, they won’t buy and you won’t be successful. It’s time to take a look at what your actions, your dress, your style say to a customer and see if it fits with your customers. You may call this sales training but it is really leadership training.
Is your dress one step above or equal to your customer’s dress code? If you are too far ahead or behind your customer in appearance, there will be a disconnect. Imagine a lawyer going to trial with a polo shirt and dockers. Will the jury believe him? Will they buy into his argument?
Are your actions meant to draw customers to you or drive them away from you? If you are an exhibitor at a trade show and you stand with your arms crossed over your chest, what message does it send to an attendee walking down your isle? Would they feel welcomed into your booth? What if you are talking on your cell phone or sitting in the back of your exhibit booth with your back or side to the isle and your customers? Who will feel comfortable coming in to your booth?
Regardless of how you feel, when you meet a client, do your eyes sparkle, is there a genuine smile on your face, are your shoulders back and head erect? People are attracted to fresh looking and friendly people and make a judgment about you within the first 3-5 seconds.
Do you extend your hand to male and female clients alike as a sign of greeting and validation? Not only does this make the emotional connection with the client but it shows respect and honor and integrity and your client will pick up on it subconsciously.
These are all things that you brand yourself with in the eyes of your clients each time you meet them. Remember that great opportunities for success come rarely but little ones like these happen daily. Make certain you are creating the brand that creates an attraction for your clients in order to make the sale and build that long term relationship.
Consider our friend and world famous cartoonist, Dave Bamberg, who draws the cartoons for the Talleytoon. Those of you who have hired him to develop cartoon characters for you, or simply draw cartoons for you, know that Dave walks the talk. His brand is open, fun, interested, consistent, caring and creative. I could say a lot more but those of you who know him, know what I mean. Dave’s brand reflect who he is and his clients feel comfortable with that.

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