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You make a first impression on your client within the first 3-5 seconds of meeting. Is it the impression that you want to convey? Certainly your body gestures, your tone of voice and your verbal message say a lot, but your dress/attire says a lot, too! Take time to review your dress code with your clients. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Has the polyester suit been washed so many times that it has shiny and worn spots?
  2. Are your shirts laundered?
  3. Do your shirts fit or do they hang over your shoulders with the cuffs dangling over your wrists?
  4. Are you pants secured at your waistline or barely covering your bottom?
  5. Are your shoes shined?
  6. Do your clothes fit or are they 2 sizes too small?
  7. Are your clothes pressed neatly as opposed to appear like they were pulled from the laundry hamper?
  8. Do you use a Bic pen to sign high end contracts or a pen that tells your clients that you provide top notch service?
  9. Is your collar or shirt sleeve frayed?
  10. Do you dress one step above your client?
  11. Do you dress according to safety standards on corporate assignments?
  12. Do you wear too much jewelry? Even if you sell jewelry, less is more.
  13. Do you have a “celebrity shadow”? It might work for them but business professionals view this shadow as an indication of sloth.
  14. Do you carry a large purse or briefcase that creates a barrier between you and the client and perhaps an awkward/clumsy appearance?
  15. Are you nails clean and well kept?
  16. If you use your car in your business and your client sees it/rides in it, is it clean and organized?
  17. Have you checked to make certain you are not missing a button or the hem of your skirt/pants is secure?
  18. Are your jacket pockets bulging with pens/papers?
  19. Are you wearing a flashing name badge? Lose it!
  20. Are you making eye contact and shaking the client’s hand?
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