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Leadership Development coach Linda Talley will add value to your next meeting or convention because no one talks about body language the way she does! She is an exciting, dynamic speaker with a new perspective on body language and leadership development, body language and communication, body language and customer service, body language and long term relationships. She is upbeat, humorous, enthusiastic, interactive and tells people where to go, and they listen. Her audiences enjoy a step-by-step approach to effective business communication, and customer care using “real life” examples. Linda interprets the non-verbal challenges, frustrations and upsets of the workplace and then offers solutions that can be applied immediately. These pragmatic techniques will take you to the next level because Linda Talley gives you something to talk about.

For Business/Industry/Professional Associations: All programs are customized for the industry and client.

Body & Mouth: A Sales Pitch With Magnum Force!

Did You Hear Everything Your Customer Didn’t Say? The Nonverbal Message They Are Giving You!

Welcome to the real world where what your internal/external customer isn’t saying says so much more than what they are saying!   If you want the competitive edge in sales, you must learn to recognize what the internal/external customer’s body is saying that their mouth is not!  It speeds up the sales process and builds relationships faster.   It’s called reading a person’s body language and we do it every day. Sometimes, we just don’t know we’re doing it.

So grab your chair because this will be an incredible ride when you find out what your internal/external customers have been saying to you, even when you haven’t said a word!

From Manager to Leader: What Makes the Top 2% Successful

Leadership development is enhanced by an understanding of the psychological principles of leader development ideas. The purpose of this program is to introduce attendees to the psychology of leadership and the development of emerging leaders. The program will cover leadership theory as well as discuss individual definitions of leadership as it applies to your business and industry; leadership development models; contextual and situational issues related to leadership, organizational and team goals.  Issues around effective leadership practices during the process of organizational change will be discussed. This program will include theories of leadership, leadership styles, qualities of great leaders, and assessments used to assess a person’s leadership development abilities. Attendees who apply and integrate this program information will enhance their understanding of their own capacity for leadership development.

What Your Body Is Saying That Your Mouth Is Not!Impression Management: The Unwritten Rules of Effective Communication

Did you know that within the first seven (7) seconds of meeting someone, they have already formulated their first impressions of you? First impressions are a key success strategy and if you haven’t made a positive one, you’ll need to do a lot of work to correct it. The success of an interview, negotiation, sale, and counseling session often depends on how well you have developed a rapport with the other person. Now you can explore the meaning of body language and learn one of the most important parts of person-to-person communication: the ability to maintain rapport and control through your actions and words.

This program will enable you to boost your success, sales, and clientele! These cutting-edge strategies used successfully by thousands of business leaders, recruiters, sales professionals, sole proprietors, keynote speaker, public speakers and teachers will help you gain the rapport advantage for leadership development and revolutionize your success!

The Leader’s Repertiore: The Case for Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development

Leadership development requires a knowledge set that transcends technical skills and focuses on relationship skills. Emotional intelligence is a critical skill and an essential skill for every leader when dealing with internal and external clients. This program will build a foundation for attendees in order to adopt strategies to adjust their leadership style to internal and external client’s need in order to gain the emotional commitment and achieve the desired results.

Are You a Whiner or a Winner?Are You a Whiner or a Winner? Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure

Why do people whine? You know the type-take them to listen to their favorite concert and they’ll complain about the volume. Give them a gift and they’ll tell you that you should save your money. Take them to a party and they’ll gripe about how they didn’t wear the right clothes. Everyone has a whiner or two in their circle of friends and family members. You probably know someone in the workplace that whines. “My boss never listens to me.” “I don’t have the education to go further.” “I’m just at the low end of the totem pole.” Whether you know it or not, each of us has a “whiner” inside of us. Unfortunately, that whiner inside of us blocks us from creating what we really want-whether it be in our personal or business lives. We all want to be winners. Some of us just don’t think we deserve it, can ever capture it or just won’t be considered as a winner. As AA says, that’s “Stinking Thinking!” Get rid of it because you are a grand prize! You are a valuable asset to any team.

Business Finesse: Dealing With Sticky Situations in the Workplace… or How To Keep Your Cool When Your Rear-end Is on the Line!

Clients, your boss, key suppliers and vendors-all critical to your continued survival and growth-yet you are ready to chuck it or let them have it with both barrels! Wait! You don’t have to commit “ritual suicide!” There is a better way-it’s called Business Finesse (based on Linda’s second book) and it’s a skill that anybody can learn. You can communicate in a way that helps you resolve the problem and retain your relationship with those necessary to your survival. Relationship building has never been easier! It’s the latest “technology” in client/staff relations and motivation!

Learn the foundation upon which your organization can establish a consistent, predictable communication model with existing employees, new hires and customers.

How To Read and Use Body Language To Negotiate & Persuade

Negotiating and persuasion requires 2 languages, each with its own function: your verbal and non-verbal language. Body language makes up 90% of the communication process and yet it is not carefully, intentionally and consciously crafted by the leader, the influential. You express yourself non-verbally and yet remain unaccountable for that expression which could cost you at the negotiating table or with clients. When you can read and understand not only your opponent’s or client’s body language but also your own, you have the competitive advantage. Whether you are in formal negotiations or simply persuading another, this skill will save you time, energy and earn you millions. If you want to change your communication strategies to improve your negotiation or persuasion skills, this program will give you the tactics to understand the nuances of body language and enrich your communication skills to catapult your career and your business.

Interviews Got You Down? The Secrets of Detecting a Great Employee Before You Make an Offer!

Interviewing, influencing (negotiating), and persuading requires 2 languages, each with its own function: your verbal and non-verbal language. Body language makes up 90% of the communication process and yet it is not carefully, intentionally and consciously crafted by the leader, the influential. You express yourself non-verbally and yet remain unaccountable for that expression which could cost you during an interview, a negotiation or with staff. When you can read and understand not only the other person’s body language but also your own, you have the competitive advantage. Whether you are in a formal interviewing process, negotiations or simply persuading another, understanding the nuances of nonverbal behavior and communication will save you time, energy and earn you millions.

The Mistakes You Make on a Sales Call & How to Correct Them

If you are in sales, you make sales calls on your prospective clients or current clients. You probably have a verbal message and even a power point presentation perfected. If you rely on this verbal message alone, you are missing 90% of the communication process. Your clients are watching what you do before they ever listen to what you say. If you haven’t honed your nonverbal skills, you could be leaving some money on the table. Don’t risk it. Just a few subtle changes and you will have your client’s attention and moving on to make the sale.

If you visit a client, this program is a must for you in order to create the perception and relationship you want in order to achieve a long term relationship.




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