Body Language Expert Linda Talley Videos

Body Language Expert  Linda Talley on Move on Purpose. Every move you make sends a message.  Linda Talley, motivational and keynote speaker, deciphers nonverbal communication or body language for audience members in a fun and interactive manner to enjoyment, learning and retention.

Linda Talley on Lead on Purpose.  Each of us speaks in two communication channels–verbal and nonverbal. Linda Talley, leadership development coach, motivational and keynote speaker, provides the audience with what their perceptions mean as they read and decipher another person’s body language.

Business Coach Linda Talley on ‘The power of Leadership.’ IQ predicts leadership but emotional intelligence predicts effective leadership. Leadership development expert, Linda Talley, provides emerging leaders with a framework or system for enhancing their emotional intelligence and fast forwarding their leadership skills.


  Body Language Expert Linda Talley presents “Did You Hear Everything Your Customer Didn’t Say?”  When you know what your customer isn’t saying, you know where you need to focus your attention during a sale. Motivational and keynote speaker Linda Talley deciphers customer body language in order to determine when a customer is ready or not ready to buy.

Linda Talley, the Body Language Expert on the ‘Handshake.’ Linda Talley, motivational and keynote speaker, takes the guessing out of how to correctly shake a person’s hand. This tip and many others are provided in each of Linda’s programs.

As a business speaker with heavy content in the areas of leadership and advanced communication strategies, she will inspire your attendees and enrich their lives with her work. She will help audience members understand the nuances of emotional intelligence and nonverbal communication in order to become an influential in the workplace and remove any self-inflicted barriers to Leadership Development and success!