Talley Toon: Procrastination By Linday Talley & David Bamberg

Who hasn’t procrastinated at one time or another in their life? I have. You probably have, too. Why do I do it? Good question. The answer for me is that I’m living in the past or the future which creates fear and slows me down or stops me in my tracks completely. My challenge was to find a way to stay focused in the present moment.

One day I was reading an article about San Francisco 49ers coach, Steve Mariucci. He said: “I never wear a watch because I always know it’s Now—and now is when you should do it.” That quote really struck home for me because I’m good at saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more time.” However, tomorrow would come and I wouldn’t have more time and so I would just keep delaying—procrastinating.

This has probably happened to you. I was running low on toner cartridge for my Epson 800 and told myself that I would go to Sam’s Club and pick some more up next time I went. Well, I went to Sam’s and isn’t it funny but I forgot to get the toner. When I got home and realized my error, I said, “I can go back tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow never came and I had a large print project to get out and guess what I ran out of? Yep, toner! I had to make an emergency trip to Sam’s Club and it was during rush hour. If any of you live in Houston, Texas you know how bad rush hour is and I live inside the loop!

I decided that that situation wasn’t going to happen again and I needed a way to keep me in the present moment so I came up with a new standard which says: If I have a need for something or to do something, I do it right then and there. I no longer procrastinate. It’s too big of an energy drain and it reduces my productivity. That’s my new standard around procrastination. What’s yours?

©Linda Talley & David Bamberg, 2006
This cartoon was created especially for me by David Bamberg at David Bamberg is a successful cartoonist who develops cartoons that creatively promote people, products and safety. Do something different, Use a cartoon. Call Dave at 713-724-7519 or e-mail him at Stay tooned for more!
Originally Published: February, 2006
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