Test Your Nonverbal Communication Skills

1. You can read if a person is lying to you by watching their eyes.
2. You can read if a person is nervous by watching their hands comb through their hair.
3. You can read if a person is distracted by watching them shift from foot to foot.
4. You can read if a person is feeling defensive by how many parts of their body they have crossed (arms, legs, hands).
5. You can read how unfriendly people are if they tilt their head.
6. You can read a genuine smile if you see “crow’s feet” around the eyes.
7. You can read a man’s discomfort by watching him put his hands in his pockets.
8. You can read a woman’s discomfort by how tightly she clutches a purse or child to her chest.
9. You can read who a person likes by where her foot is pointing.
10. You can read how comfortable a person is with you by how many barriers (table, chairs, glasses, purses, arm rests) they put between the two of you.
11. You can read how interested a person is in you or what you are saying by how far they lean towards you.
12. You can read more in what a person is not saying than what they are saying.

1. False
2. True
3. True
4. True
5. False
6. True
7. True
8. True
9. True
10. False
11. True
12. True

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