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   Your verbal and non-verbal communication should compliment each other in order for you to be effective   and successful in business. Read more in this article by Dr. Linda Talley.

10 Secrets for Business Success

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The presentation was interesting and fun.  Thank you for making it a fun topic, and for having the insight to share with us.

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Linda Talley, body language expert, leadership development coach, behavioral theorist, keynote speaker, and business coach works with leaders to improve their business relationships, communication, and performance.

She is a recognized authority on how to develop and use emotional intelligence to create the results you want in your business and personal life. She is a highly acclaimed, nationally recognized motivational speaker, leadership development coach and organizational development consultant whose methods and insights will simultaneously inspire you and enrich your business skills to help you climb higher in your organization or be more successful in your own business endeavor.

Body Language Expert Linda’s experience as a leader and behavioral theorist translates into dynamic, humorous, and profound presentations that will instruct you professionally, touch you personally, and inspire you to reach for the highest within yourself and your business.

As a body language expert and a business speaker with heavy content in the areas of leadership and advanced communication strategies, she will inspire your attendees and enrich their lives with her work. She will help audience members understand the nuances of emotional intelligence in order to become an influential in the workplace and remove any self-inflicted barriers to Leadership Development and success!

The higher you go, your people and relationship building skills, or lack of, become more pronounced. Behavior and communication drive relationships and effectiveness. By listening to Leadership Development Coach and working with Body Language Expert Linda Talley, you will have the unique ability to easily become aware of and monitor your behavior as well as correctly perceive the behavior of others. Having and using advanced communication skills often makes the difference in how high you go within an organization.